Tiger Packs

Tiger Packs provides a take-home bag of nutritious, kid-friendly food to local K-8 students on the weekends when they do not have access to the free-and-reduced meal program at school. Participants--identified as "food insecure" by teachers, counselors, and school staff--receive a bag anonymously each Friday afternoon. A typical bag costs approximately $3.25 and contains the following items: Easy Mac 'n Cheese, instant oatmeal, granola bar, Nutrigrain bar, fruit cup, applesauce, pudding cup, crackers, raisins, "Jif to Go" peanut butter cup, and a juice box. Since February of 2013, Tiger Packs has distributed over 2,000 bags of food! 

For information about donating or volunteering, contact Emma at (641) 236-5518.